Five Common Things About Harvest Moon Series "Farming Game"

Good afternoon people!
What are you doing in the morning?
Exercise and then you play a game like me?
Hahaha. Well, every morning I always see my garden. Remind me of something. Yeah, Nature.
Nothing wrong with nature. Fresh air, cool breeze, and anything about birds chirping. How if we dreamed about have a ranch like this game?

Who plays this game? I like this game called "Harvest Moon" so much. From the first version until now. Harvest Moon (Bokujou Monogatari) was first published in Japan in 1996. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is the first Harvest Moon game to be released specifically for the Gameboy Advance system (GBA).

Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game with an underlining storyline that adds depth to break up the daily monotony of watering crops. In the games, players have the option of getting married, raising livestock and poultry animals, catching fish, and attending festivals to impress the local villagers. If in your first game "Mineral Town" you'll find Ann, Mary, Karen, Popuri, and Elli along with your "rivals" like Kai, Cliff, Doctor, Rick, and Gray. In another series, they're many candidates for your journey to marry.

How about we list Harvest Moon "Farming Game" series from the start?

1. Harvest Moon Mineral Town
2. Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life
3. Harvest Moon More Friend of Mineral Town
4. Harvest Moon DS & DS Cute
5. Harvest Moon Island of Happiness
Your journey begins when your ship encounters a bad storm and is destroyed. You awaken on a nearby, uninhabited island with a few of the other shipwreck survivors. Instead of traveling on, you all decide to build a new life on the island and hope that more people will join you in time.
What new?
  • Wonderful Stone
  • Six different marriage choices
  • New gameplay
  • New fishing, mining, foraging place
6. Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands
You start out as a boy or girl farmer, who just moved to Ranch Island to start your new ranch life.
Your goal is to collect Sun Stones, which are used to bring the sunken islands up from the bottom of the ocean. A total of 100 Sun Stones that will restore 10 missing islands from the archipelago. Different islands have different features; the Mushroom Island grows wild mushrooms, the Volcano Island has the mine, and so on.
What new?
  • Can have upgraded animals such as the Jersey Cow, Silkie Chicken, and Suffolk Sheep.
  • Can choose between two different colors of pets
  • Can befriend and hire wild animals
7. Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar
You have recently moved to Zephyr Town to take over the run down farm on the outskirts of town, and hopefully, with your hard work and efforts, the town's bazaar can be revitalized and become grand once again. Besides growing crops on the farm, you can take care of cows, sheep, and chickens. The items that you grow on your farm can be processed by the town's three special windmills.
What new?
  • The windmills around town
  • There is no shipping bin
  • Bug collecting
  • Horse race festival return
  • New festival like Flower festival, Tea Party, and Wine Festival
  • Ores and gems can be purchased at the bazaar or by finding ore rocks randomly during Winter
8. Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns
Long ago the towns of Bluebell and Konohana were friendly neighbors, joined together by a tunnel underneath the mountain that separates the towns. Eventually, the towns started to disagree with each other on whose town had the best cooking cuisine. One day the Harvest Goddess finally put her foot down and collapsed the tunnel between the towns, cutting them off from each other. Now the only interaction the towns have with each other is at their cooking festival, where their cooking conflict continues four times per season.
What new?
  • Seasonal festivals for each town
  • A vast mountainous area where you can find items, fish, and bugs to sell.
  • Mid-day weather changes (you'll have 2 weather in one day)
  • New dating feature
  • A message board request (villagers will post requests for your help)
9. Harvest Moon A New Beginning
10. Harvest Moon The Lost Valley
11. Harvest Moon Story of Seasons
12. Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories
13. Harvest Moon Story of Season Trio of Two Towns
14. Harvest Moon Skytree Village

Then let's check what you should do if you wanna be successful harvest moon player! This one 5 common things you should know about this game,
  • Always keep your money. You can ship your cooking dishes, flower, fruit, and ore. (In the harvest moon series you can buy some flour and then cook that flour to bread and cook again to toast. You'll become rich!)
  • Collect your ore and try to break your ore tomorrow, you can get better gem/jewel. (Already try it)
  • Don't forget to keep your heart of animal full! You can win any festival and race if you really love your animal. Brush your animal, give food and let them out in the morning and put your animal back before 06:00 pm.
  • Give present to your candidate. Not really always give, you can talk to her/him every day. Don't forget to talk to all of the villagers. You'll get a special item, recipe or another present.
  • Don't litter around. In few Harvest Moon game, if you littering around you'll end with -10 friendship point.
Just 5 things for becoming a successful farmer in harvest moon game? Not just 5! You should be hard worker farmer! Hahaha. If you confuse, you can check in this site Ushi No Tane - A Harvest Moon Help Site.
They are really helpful site who can guide your life in Harvest Moon series.
At last, let me give you an overview about Harvest Moon - Tale of Two Town.

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  1. can i know where can i this game for free? i'd never play it but really love farm game and of course i want to try this! ^^

    1. Hello.
      Of course you can.
      First you need to download emulator and then rom.
      Try to visit site "emuparadise .com" or "loveroms .com"